Viewing Online Activities



None assigned

Your teacher may assign you online activities to complete. These could be homework that you complete on your own time or online quizzes that you complete in class. Your teacher may also assign discussion activities that let you respond to a prompt.

Note: When parents are signed in with their accounts, they can view online activities in read-only format.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Activities.

The "Activities" screen displays with a default view that lists all of your "Assigned" (Unsubmitted) activities grouped by course.2.png

  1. Optionally, If you want to view activities for all of your courses listed by due date, click Date as the "Group By" option. 
  1. Optionally, to change the view, at the top of the screen below "Activities", click the Submitted, Graded, or All tab.
  1. Optionally, to open an assigned activity to work on, use the "Assigned" tab and click the name of the activity.
For information about completing activities, refer to the Completing Online Activities article.