Viewing Activity Grades



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For activities with questions, depending on your teacher’s setup, you may be able to view whether certain questions are correct or incorrect as soon as you submit your answers. For file upload or response-type questions, the status displays as "Pending" until your teacher grades them manually.

  1. Click Activities.


  1. The "Activities" window displays. Click the Graded tab and then click the name of the activity.
If your teacher has graded an activity but sent it back for you to redo part or all of it, it displays in the "Assigned" tab (depicted in the following image) instead. Refer to the Redoing Activities article for additional information.
  1. Once you click the name of the activity, the "Activity Details" screen displays your grade in the "Mark" field. 
The "Activity Details" screen includes a "Performance Indicators" section for classes using standards-based grading.
  1. Optionally, for question activities and to view your grade for each question, click Review. The activity questions and your grades display.
  1. If the questions display as links, you can click them to review your answers. If your teacher allows it, you may also be able to view the correct answers.
  1. Optionally, for discussions, click Review to display a read-only view of the discussion.