ProgressBook Parent & Student

Understanding Your Grades

For information about understanding your grades in online activities, refer to the Viewing Activity Grades article.


The "Mark" percentage and letter grade at the top of the screen are your overall grade average for the course in the indicated reporting period. The Mark column shows the score and percentage you earned for each individual assignment.

Note: The "Mark" percentage and/or letter grade at the top of the screen and the percentage on the individual assignment may not display depending on your teacher’s settings.



If the "Weight" of a particular type of assignment is other than “1,” this means the teacher has weighted that type of assignment to count more or less toward the overall grade.

Note: The weight only displays when viewing grades by assignment type.



Grading Scale

Each assignment type displays the percentage and grade you earned for that type of assignment (for example, the grade you receive on your homework). To view the grading scale used to calculate the grades, click 5.png.



Note: If your school uses standards-based grading, the "Grade Scale Overview" displays different fields.

Assignment Codes

The following table describes the assignment codes. These codes display in the "Info" column on the "Grade Details" screen.




Missing – You have not turned in the assignment. Counts as a zero toward your grade.


Excluded – Grade for this assignment is not included in your overall grade.


Weighted – Assignment counts more or less than others toward your grade average. To see the amount the assignment is weighted, hover your cursor over this icon.


Late – You turned in the assignment late. Teacher may choose to adjust your grade.