Viewing Assignments



None assigned

You can check your assigned homework and view other upcoming work, such as projects, quizzes and tests.

  1. On the "Planner" screen, review the homework listed below each course.

Note: Homework may display in the "Posted Homework" and/or "Assigned Work" sections. If the "Assigned Work" section contains a "View Activity" link (indicating this is online work for you to do), see “Viewing Online Activities.”


  1. Optionally, to change the view or navigate the "Planner" and view assignments for a different date or date range, do one of the following:
    1. Click Prev 7 days, This Week, or Next 7 days to view assignments for those dates/ranges.
    2. Enter a Start Date and End Date (or select these from the calendar date picker), and click Refresh.


  1. Optionally, to change the view or navigate the "Planner" and expand or collapse courses for easier viewing, use the following options:
    1. To expand all courses, click Expand All.
    2. To collapse all courses, click Collapse All.
    3. To expand or collapse one course at a time, click the title bar of the course.


  1. Optionally, to change the view or navigate the "Planner" and navigate quickly to another course, along the right side of the screen:
    1. Hover your cursor over the colored tab representing the course to expand the tab.
    2. Click the tab.


  1. Optionally, to view additional details about an assignment, click the assignment name.


The "Assignment Details" screen displays, showing more information about the assignment.

NoteThis screen includes an additional section titled "Performance Indicators" for classes using standards-based grading.

  1. Optionally, to view the grading scale used to grade this assignment, click Show assignment grading scale.