Getting Started in the Learning Center



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Welcome to your updated Learning Center! Let's take a tour.


Search Bar

Use the search bar on the homepage to quickly locate key topics. You can type in keywords related to your query and press Enter to initiate a comprehensive search, or you can optionally select an article from the short list of recommended articles found. 


Navigate Homepage

Select an article from one of the primary sections on the homepage or select the "See all" link at the bottom of a section to view a complete list of all articles found within it.  


Navigate Sections

When viewing a section, you can either select an article, use a "breadcrumb" to return to the homepage, or enter a new entry in the Search bar at the upper right of the page.

To return to the homepage, select the "Learning Center" or "ProgressBook Parent & Student" links in the upper left of the page or click the  Home icon above the articles.


Navigate Articles

When an article is selected, click the section name (beside the Home icon) to return to the main section or select an additional article from that section in the list on the right. 

You can also select the  Print button to print the article or save it as a PDF.