Resetting Your Child's Password



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This article describes how to reset your child's password. If your child forgets his or her password and does not have an email address tied to his or her student account, you or the teacher can reset your child’s password.

Note: If your school district requires your child to log in using another service, such as Google, you cannot reset their password. The Google icon displays by your child’s account name if they use Google.
  1. Click My Account.


  1. Click the My Students tab.


  1. In the row corresponding to the student whose password you want to reset, click Reset Password.
  1. Enter a New Password for your child.
    • Passwords must contain 1 letter, 1 number, and be between 8 and 50 characters inclusive. They are case sensitive and cannot match the user name.
  2. In the Re-enter New Password field, re-enter your child’s new password. 


  1. Click Update.