Reordering Children



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Toggle conditional highlighting

You can change the order in which your children display in the student switcher and choose which child displays by default when you sign in.

  1. Click My Account.
  1. Click the My Students tab.
  1. Information for the child in the first position displays by default when you sign in to ProgressBook. Use one of the following methods to move a child to a new position. Regardless of the method uses, the children display in the new order.
    • In the row of the student you want to move, click the upward or downward facing arrow.
    • Drag and drop the student to a new position in the list.
  1. Throughout ProgressBook, the student switcher displays your children in the order you've selected. Information for the first child displays by default when you sign in.
For more information, refer to our Understanding the Home Screen article.