Understanding the Home Screen



None assigned

When you sign in to ProgressBook with your parent account, the "Home" screen provides an overview of grades, homework, and attendance for the highlighted student displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.


Today's Comments

If a teacher has posted a comment today, it displays in "Today’s Comments" at the top of the "Home" screen.



The "Grades" panel displays an overview of your child’s grade averages in all courses for the current grading period (and year-to-date if the teacher chooses to display this information).


To view grade details for a specific course, click the course name. To view grade details for all courses, click details or View all grades.

For more information about grades, refer to the Viewing Grades article.

Grade Details

The "Grade Details" panel displays grades for your child’s assignments that were due (homework) or completed (classwork, quizzes, tests) in the past two days.


To view additional grade details, click details or View all grade details.

For more information about grades, refer to the Viewing Grades article.


The "Homework" panel displays an overview of your child’s upcoming homework. The number icon indicates by course how many homework assignments are due today or in the next two days.


To view additional homework details on your student’s "Planner" screen, click either the course name, the number icon, details, or View all homework.

For more information about homework, refer to the Viewing Assignments article.

Daily Attendance

The "Daily Attendance" panel displays your child’s total absences and tardies for the school year.


To view additional attendance details, click details or View all attendance.

For more information about attendance, refer to the Viewing Attendance article.

Viewing a Different Student

If more than one student is linked to your account, the additional student(s) also display in the student switcher area at the bottom of the screen. To view information for a different student, click that student.